4 tips for using baby milestone discs

Milestone discs are such a beautiful way to record your baby’s growth through those precious first 12 months. From your pregnancy announcement right through to their first birthday, it’s so wonderful to look back on how your bebé has changed.

What can actually be daunting for many people is knowing what to do with the baby milestone discs in the first place. We don't want anyone to feel like that! We want you to feel comfortable and confident in using all of our products. To help, we’ve pulled together our top tips for using - and making the most of - your baby milestone discs. 

Ideas for recording baby milestones

Go with matching… or go with the flow

If you like themes and matching, you might like to choose the same background for your bebé to sit/lie on or the same colour for them to wear. You could use one of your favourite swaddles, a nursing chair or the cot. You could even just use the same prop each month - a teddy bear or flowers from the garden.

But if the idea of trying to create a matching or themed setup each month is your worst nightmare then don’t do it. There is no rule to say that your milestone photos need to be on a white background with your baby wearing white every month. You set your own rules.

You’ll find so many baby milestone photo ideas on Pinterest if you need some inspiration. If you need tips on how to take baby milestone pictures, you might find these tips for DIY newborn photos useful. 

Baby milestone photo ideas

Keep it simple

Whatever you decide to do, make it achievable so you can quickly pull it together when your bebé is in a happy mood. 

Remember that simple means different things to different people. You don’t need to compare yourself to all the mums on Pinterest or what you’ve seen the other mums from your mother’s group share on Instagram. Comparison is the thief of joy… and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to anything to do with parenting.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to create the “perfect” photo every time. As any mamá will tell you, the joy of parenting is in the imperfect moments.

What to do with baby milestone photos 

Set calendar reminders in your phone

Speaking of imperfect, none of us parents are perfect. We are human! And being human, we can so easily forget things, especially in the fog of broken sleep. 

At the end of the day, no one is going to know if you take the five month milestone photo of your bebé three days after their five month milestone. But if it’s really important to you, be sure to set reminders in your calendar for each monthly milestone. You can do this all at once and it will give you a reminder when the day rolls around.

If you do forget, or your bebé is unwell or grumpy, just take it the next day. Or the day or the week after that.

How to take baby milestone pictures

Do something with the photos

If you look through the camera roll of any parent you’ll likely find thousands of photos of their bebé. There’s also a good chance that most of those photos just live in their camera roll and (hopefully) backed up on a hard drive. 

When you go to all the effort of taking your monthly milestone photos to record your baby’s growth, make sure you do something with them! Here are a few ideas:

  • Collate all the photos in a frame to hang in your home.
  • Create a photobook of your bebés first year and use the baby milestone photos as the cover photo for each new month.
  • Print the monthly milestone photos up as fridge magnets or whatever other way you can think of to get them off your phone and into a place you can enjoy them.

You could also use the back of the baby milestone discs to record the date or even a special memory from the month. 

Tips for using baby milestone discs

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