Having a baby during a lockdown

It’s the happiest moment of your life. From your baby shower surrounded by your closest friends and family to the moment you welcome your precious new arrival. Having a baby is truly wonderful.

But, as so many have experienced, having a baby during a lockdown is not that same joy-filled experience you were expecting.

Having a baby during lockdown

We see you

While we didn’t have a baby, our youngest turned two in the middle of Melbourne’s long second lockdown. It was tough. The usual celebrations with friends and family were replaced with Zoom calls and a party of five - it was just us.

Then there were our other two children. Both celebrated birthdays at home without their friends and missed their extended family dearly.

But we feel like the lucky ones. We were together. We leaned into our family time completely. And we even started a new business - Mamá + Bebé!

We know that everyone wasn’t so fortunate to put a positive spin on lockdown. If that was you, we see you.

We see your fear at the prospect of giving birth alone, your birth plan completely thrown out the window. 

We see the aunties and uncles, grandparents and friends who are yearning for newborn cuddles but having to settle for meeting your new arrival by Zoom.

We see the lonely days that should be filled with visitors to hold the baby while you take a moment to shower. We see those lonely days stretch into quiet nights.

We see you struggle to form a relationship with your mother’s group over a screen rather than the intimate in-person connections you are so craving.

New baby during a lockdown

It won’t always be like this

These days are unquestionably hard. Having a baby is hard enough, let alone with all these added stresses.

But we want you to know that it won’t always be like this.

These experiences will give you resilience like nothing else. When your bebé finally does get to meet your nearest and dearest, those hugs will feel infinitesimally more special. The relationships you struggled to make with your mother’s group will be replaced with strong ties that bind you because of what you have survived together.

Yes, it is hard. No one will ever deny the struggles you have faced. But there are stars and rainbows shining through the darkness. 

Your bebé will start to smile and laugh. They will crawl and take their first steps. They will cry out for their mamá and fill your arms with warm cuddles that make both of your tears melt away. 

Remember that it’s ok to grieve for what could have been. It’s ok to not feel ok. Reach out for help if you need it. Speak to friends or family. Speak to your Dr or another professional. Get whatever help you need to find your way back to the rainbow.

We’re with you on this journey

At Mamá + Bebé, we want to be so much more than an online baby store. Our motivation for starting this business came from a desire to help other parents. We don’t have all the answers - no one does - but we do want to make a difference. Whether that difference is through swaddles to help your bebé sleep, silicone meal time essentials to make the dinner clean up easier, or helpful tips and words of reassurance on our blog, we’re with you through every step of this journey.