Newborn Baby Checklist for New Mother to Meet Their Needs

Knowing what you need to welcome your little one to the world can be overwhelming. At Mamá + Bebé, we have compiled a checklist of a few essential things to help prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby and meet their ongoing needs.

Newborn Baby Checklist

Checklist 1.) Nursery Essentials for a Newborn Baby

Making sure that your home is ready for your new arrival is vital. Considering your little one will spend a large amount of time in the land of nod, having a safe place for them to sleep is one of the most important parts of making your home baby ready. Whether you plan to have them in your room or set up in their own nursery, there are several things on our checklist that you will need to get started:

Cot & Mattress

A cot is the most important purchase you will make, as your little one needs a safe place to rest. With a variety of styles and designs, these can get expensive, so be sure to choose the model that works best for you and meets all the current safety standards to get the best for your baby.


Having a good supply of bedding is essential, as your little one will undoubtedly have a few accidents. By having a range of cot sheets and bedding, as well blankets for their cot to choose from, you won’t be caught out in the middle of the night looking for that spare sheet. Be sure to invest in a waterproof mattress cover as well!

Night Light

This is a fantastic way to help you see what you are doing in the night without disturbing your little one with any bright lights. It will also work to provide a level of reassurance to your baby as they grow and adjust to the dark.

White Noise or Music Player

It has been proven that music or white noise can help babies as they learn how to fall asleep and self-soothe, helping them get better quality sleep throughout the day.


With all the clothes and toys that you will accumulate, having somewhere to store them is necessary. You can utilise drawers or shelves, or work with baskets and tubs to help you organise your little one’s possessions.

Rocking Chair

Whether it is for breastfeeding, reading a goodnight story, or having a cuddle, a rocking chair can go a long way to improving nursery routines, as well as providing that soothing rocking motion to help them relax.

Play Mat

Tummy time is vital for your baby’s development. Having a thin, soft play mat will help them stay comfortable as they explore.

Checklist 2.) Feeding Checklists for a New Baby

Next to sleeping, feeding is going to be your little one’s favourite pass time. To make sure that a newborn can feed fully and comfortably, there are several essential items on our list that you will need to make each feeding experience an enjoyable one:

Burp Cloths

These small, versatile items will work wonders to help protect your clothes when burping your baby.

Receiving Blankets

You can purchase these thin blankets in packs to keep enough ready at hand. With a variety of uses, receiving blankets work well as nursing covers, burping cloths and even swaddles.

Nursing Pillow

Your body will thank you for this extra comfort for you and your little one. Allowing your baby to rest on the U-shaped pillow will provide some much-needed relaxation for both of you.


It goes without saying that bibs and cutlery are an essential item as they protect your bub’s clothes from milk, formula, and dribbles, as well as assist in them getting proper meals.

Bottles & Nipples

No matter how you feed your baby, having a collection of bottles and nipples in a range of sizes and shapes is key to finding what works best for your feeding routine.

Breast Pump

Whether manual or electric, a breast pump is a terrific way to help you manage feeding, either by planning for the week or preparing something for when you are out.


Depending on the advice from your healthcare provider, formula can be of significant use to a feeding routine.

Bottle Brush

A handy tool that will help you thoroughly clean the inside of every bottle you use.

Checklist 3.) Things You Need When Changing a Newborn

With the mountain of nappies that you will surely need to keep your little one comfortable, preparing a nappy changing area is vital. To do this, there are many useful items to help you:

Changing Pad

This helps to keep your little one comfortable as you change them. It is versatile and easy to move around as you need.


Since you will need hundreds of these, it is good to keep plenty on hand. However, it is worth buying a few smaller packs of different sized nappies, as you cannot be sure which size you will need until your little one is here.


These are essential for keeping your baby clean in a gentle way.                          


These versatile items are great for washing your little one’s nappy area and tend to be more environmentally friendly than nappies.

Nappy Rash Cream

It’s all in the name! This product will help prevent nappy rash and keep your little one comfortable all day long.

Checklist 4.) Clothing Essentials for Your Newborn Baby

What can be more exciting than dressing your little darling to highlight their uniqueness to the world? Getting that balance of function and fashion is key, and there are several items on our checklist to help you manage this:


Baby swaddles help little ones feel safe, secure, and comfortable. They are versatile, essential items to help introduce your little one to the world.

Onesies, Pyjamas & Sleepers

Since they spend most of their time sleeping, having good sleepwear for your little one is important. Whether two-piece pyjamas, comfortable onesies or sleeping sacks, there are a variety of options to choose from.

T-Shirts & Leggings

As far as outfits go, a t-shirt and pants work for almost any time of the year and can be dressed up or down to keep your baby comfortable.

Jumpers & Jackets

Perfect for keeping your little one warm and cosy, these items are versatile and can work in different seasons and temperatures.

Socks & Booties

Since newborns don’t need shoes, socks and booties are ideal for keeping their feet warm.

Hats & Caps

Whether keeping their little heads warm, or protecting them from the sun, hats are a vital part of every baby’s wardrobe.


Not only are these great for keeping little hands warm, but they can also help to protect against any accidental scratches as babies explore.

Checklist 5.) Newborn Baby Needs at Bath Time

Even though your newborn will have sponge baths at first, they will eventually be ready for wash times in the bath. Here are a few essential items on our checklist to get you started:

Baby Bath Seat or Tub

A safe place for your little one to rest as they get cleaned.


If your baby has hair then opt for a formula specially designed for babies to use.


Having this will allow you to gently pour water over your baby to rinse off any shampoo or soap.


You will need some soft towels to dry off your little one. Hooded towels not only offer an even cuter look for your bub post-bath, but they can also help with easier drying.


These will help you as you clean your baby, providing something to gently wipe your little one.

Checklist 6.) Out & About Essentials for a Newborn

Getting out with your little one can be a challenge without the right tools. Here is a list filled with some suggestions for how to get you baby-ready when you are out:

Car Seat

A car seat is one of the most important and useful purchases you will make. Be sure to choose a rear-facing option that is suitable for newborns and meets all the current safety standards.


There are plenty of stroller options to choose from. Make sure you choose the style best suited for you and that meets all the safety standards.

Nappy Bag

You will need a functional nappy bag to help carry around everything you need for your little one when you are out.


It is important to keep your little one out of direct sunlight, so a sunshade in the car goes a long way to keep their skin safe.

Portable Changing Pad

This item will help ensure that you have a safe, comfortable place to change your little one no matter where you are.

Checklist 7.) Health & Safety Checklists for a New Baby

Keeping your newborn baby safe and healthy is of the utmost importance when your little one arrives. Here is a list of essential items to keep you prepared for those health and safety situations:

First Aid Kit

Packed with useful items like a thermometer, tweezers, plasters, baby Panadol and antibiotic cream, a first aid kit is essential for keeping on top of your little one’s health. Store one at home and in the nappy bag so that you have all these items wherever you are.

Bulb Syringe

This handy item helps remove any mucus from your baby’s nose.

Nail Clippers

Keep your baby’s nails short to help prevent any accidental scratches.

Soft Bristled Hairbrush

While your newborn may not have much hair to begin with, this brush will help loosen any cradle cap that might appear.

Go Beyond this Checklist & Learn How to Meet All Your Newborn Baby Needs with Mamá + Bebé

Finding everything that you need to get ready to welcome your new arrival can be a daunting task. At Mamá + Bebé, we have a wide range of collections to help you find what you need. Check out our collections today or get in touch with any questions and we will work to help you find what you are looking for!