10 practical tips for preparing for your second baby

Congratulations! Baby number 2 is on the way and the whole family is getting excited. But preparing for your first baby and preparing for your second baby are not the same thing.

With your first there’s the anticipation and excitement of it all. You’ve got more time to think about the future. It’s very different when you’re preparing for your second baby. It certainly feels like there's no time.

If you’ve got baby number 2 on the way, here are 10 practical tips to help you and your family plan for the arrival of your new bebé.

Tips for preparing for your second baby

1. Involve your firstborn

Preparing for your second baby isn’t just about getting yourself ready. You’ve also got another little person to think about.

As best as you can, involve your firstborn. Tell them about their new sibling and let them help with things like making the announcement or setting up the nursery. However, do keep in mind that once you’ve told them, everyone will know.

2. Accept help

There are no heroes when it comes to motherhood. Well, of course you’re a superhero for doing what you do, but you don’t need to do it alone.

If someone offers to help, accept it. Whether it’s an offer to cook some meals or take your firstborn for a playdate, seriously consider the offer. 

3. Prepare for less visitors

When you had your first bebé your hospital room was probably a revolving door of visitors. That doesn’t happen to the same extent when you have your second baby.

Yes, you’ll get the usual suspects - hi grandparents - but you can likely expect a much quieter hospital room the second time around. This can be a bit lonely but think of it as your little sanctuary before you head home to the reality of life with two.

Creating a busy box when preparing for baby number 2

4. Create a busy box

Newborns need a lot of attention. So do toddlers so it’s a good idea to prepare some activities for your firstborn in advance of the arrival of their new sibling.

That way, while you’re feeding the bebé or putting them to sleep, you can keep your other child entertained. It won’t always work. There will be at least one occasion where you’ve just got the bebé to sleep only for them to be woken by their sibling who wants to tell you that they really like cats.

5. Make transitions well in advance

It’s a big adjustment for a child to welcome a new sibling into their life. Even the ones who do it well still have some bumps along the way. 

If you need to make any transitions, like toilet training or moving into a new bed, it’s best to do it well in advance of welcoming your new baby. That way there’s less chance of them regressing or struggling once baby number 2 arrives. 

6. Expect the unexpected

You’ve already been doing this parenting thing for a while now so it’s safe to assume that you know what you’re doing, right? Wrong. 

Just like your first baby, baby number 2 also won’t come with a manual. And there’s a good chance they’ll be completely different from their brother or sister. There are some things that don’t change… but for everything else, expect the unexpected.

Advice for second-time parents

7. Enjoy 1:1 time with your firstborn

A really good piece of advice for second-time parents is to enjoy some 1:1 time with your firstborn before the new baby arrives. Soon it will be much harder because your hands will be well and truly full.

Enjoy cuddles on the couch or reading books in the backyard, whatever it is that you love to do together. 

8. Organise a standby babysitter

When you’re preparing for baby 2, one of the things to add to your checklist is to make sure you’ve got a babysitter on standby for when it’s time to head to the hospital.

You don’t want to be in labour in the middle of the night trying to find someone who can look after your firstborn!

9. Sort through your baby stuff

If you’ve kept any of your old baby things, sort through them before your new bebé arrives just to check they’re all ok. You might need to replace some things or realise you don’t have something you need.

This is something you can get your firstborn involved in. You can share your memories of when they wore particular clothes or played with particular toys.

Stock the freezer when preparing for baby number 2

10. Stock the freezer

Cooking dinner with one bebé is hard enough. Throw an older child into the mix and future you will be thanking past you for taking the time to prepare food in advance.

Do some batch cooking or buy some freezer meals so you’ve got something you can heat up on those days where things just don’t go to plan. We all have them!

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