Jersey Swaddle & Wraps for Newborn Baby

Jersey Swaddles

At Mamá + Bebé our aim is to help Bebé’s sleep comfortably and soundly. Our range of gorgeous Jersey Swaddle wraps can allow that to happen…as well as make them look super adorable!

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Choosing the right swaddle for your baby is one of the most important decisions you can make when setting up your little one for their sleep routines. A good swaddle can keep your newborn safe and secure while ensuring they are comfortable and cosy.

Not only a practical sleep time product, a Jersey swaddle wrap is also a versatile accessory with plenty of uses. They can double as stylish blankets, burp cloths, changing surfaces or towels and are always handy to have on standby to manage any messy situation.

At Mamá + Bebé our Jersey Swaddles and baby wraps are made from 100% cotton. Whilst being durable and breathable, they have a small amount of stretch to keep your baby comfortable and snug during sleep time.

Get the best of your Jersey Swaddle by pairing them with our lightweight, breathable 100% cotton muslin wrap and cot blankets. Each piece will work together to keep your baby snug and stylish, whether you are at home or out on the move.

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