Sustainability at Mamá + Bebé

As parents, we have made the choice to adopt ethical and sustainable principles and values in everything we do at Mamá + Bebé. Sustainability matters to us and we know it matters to you too. 

We want to make choices and create a product range that is better for people and the planet. To care for the earth for future generations of mamás and their bebés. We are open-minded and committed to minimising our footprint to make an impact. 

Our sustainability commitment

We have actively taken steps to minimise the carbon footprint of our business operations. We are merely borrowing the earth from our grandchildren. And we want to hand it to them in the best condition possible.

Our steps to date include:

  • The installation of a large solar panel system with 28 panels to fuel our HQ.
  • Reusing all cardboard and paper where we can and recycling where we can’t.
  • Switching off all lights, computers, printers and appliances in our office when not in use.

In addition to this, we also invest in carbon offsetting projects through Carbon Neutral. All of these actions - minimising where possible and offsetting the rest - ensure that we are in a 100% carbon neutral position.

Carbon Neutral | Mamá+Bebé

Eco-friendly baby products

Sustainability isn’t just about our actions as a business but also about the products you purchase from us. We stock a range of eco-friendly baby products using sustainable and organic fabrics and plastic alternatives such as silicone.

By using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo, we are not only minimising the footprint of our production, but we are also creating quality products that will last a lifetime.

We want our swaddles to be passed from one bebé to the next. They are designed for longevity… and they get softer with every wash. Our silicone feeding products also contain no BPA and our reusable nursing pads are made from organic bamboo terry.

Our range of eco-friendly baby products is only going to grow along with our sustainability initiatives.

Eco-friendly baby products

Leaving a legacy for our bebés and yours

Sustainability isn’t a business decision or a PR exercise for us… it’s who we are.

In our own home we have a 20,000L water tank, which is used for watering the garden and vegetable patch, flushing toilets and wherever else we can substitute tank water. We also have a large vegetable patch so we can grow as much as possible for our family meals. We are raising our children to be kind to the environment and to understand their role of custodians of the earth for future generations.

But our legacy is bigger than teaching our own children. Each quarter, we select a different charity who supports mamás and their bebés. We will donate $1 from every order in the quarter to that charity. Giving back is what we do… and it’s an important part of our legacy at Mamá + Bebé.

Discover our eco-friendly baby products range

Join us in our mission to leave the earth in a better state for our children by choosing sustainable. Explore our range of organic swaddles and other eco-friendly baby products in our online baby store. Together we can make a powerful difference.

Sustainability at Mamá + Bebé


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